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City Sightseeing in Karlstad!
We will start our tours on Easter Eve on April 11, 2020. Then we run weekends April-May, all days 1 / 6-31 / 8 and weekends in September. You can subscribe to the train for a bridal shower, a 50-year party or a fun corporate event. We can bring up to 55 people on the tour.
The train takes you on 2 interesting tours through our beautiful city. The tours run along the Klar River and through the city. You will experience interesting sights and exciting stories. The city garden tour goes through the oldest part of Karlstad, where you get to see buildings that remained after the fire that raged in the city in 1865. Further through the city garden and our new neighborhood, inner harbor, which is being built up continuously.
The river trip goes through our dear Sandgrund with the Värmland Museum and the Lerin Museum. On to Sundsta and the fine old stone bridge and through Haga with the fine barge canal. The tours take about 30 min
Join us and you will learn lots about our 436 year old city.

The train leaves daily with the first start at 10.00 and the last start at 16.45.

Buy your ticket at the Sightseeing Kiosk at the starting point on Stora Torget near the City Hall.
The kiosk also has ice cream, soft drinks, coffee, cake and popcorn.

 Adult 70 kr 2st tours 120 kr
                            Children (3-12 years) 45 kr 2st tours 80 k
Children under 3 Free

Payment by card, Swish or cash.
Tickets are purchased at the Sightseeing Kiosk at City Hall


Call the Train attendent

Forget something on the train?
please call
+54 - 400 10 30



For questions
Call our office

Rent the train Loke!

  A fun activity for the tourists, corporate party, Svensexan
or the 40 year anniversary!
Price per hour started:
SEK 2 900 max number of guests 55 pcs
Prices are based on Stora Torget in Karlstad.
Pick-up takes place at the main square, if you want to be picked up at the office or elsewhere, we also solve it, minimum fee of SEK 500. Note, prices ex. VAT.

Email maria.dahlbom@capriga.se or call 0706257560 and we will return with quotation.
The train is bookable from 1 April 2020